Beggars Cant Be Choosers

Anyone who believes beggars cant be choosers has not met any beggars, and probably lives in the USA... hehehe

This is an idiomatic phrase, that fails to convince beggars to be grateful, or appreciate what was given to them.

Philippines beggar

If I ever stop traveling the planet, and return to Orland, Indiana to live, the reason will be simple, the people from my small village are not beggars.

It is taxing to the soul to look at another human being, with my guard up, thinking,
"What do you want?"

Yet, the truth is everybody wants something, the rich,the poor, everyone on the planet wants something from us, we must accept that. The dream is quid pro quo, the reciprocity of life, I help you, and you help me.

When talking with friends, aquaintance, of business colleges, look for justice, and equal exchange of gifts.

If not equal, you are indeed talking to a beggar, someone who is choosy, and disproves the idiom that says,
"Beggars can't be chooser."

The are indeed very choosy, and the better then are at it, the more clever they are, the better they choose you as their mark.

Choose the beggar, don't allow the beggar to choose you, when dealing with poverty, we need to spot the people who really need help. 

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