Another Day In Paradise Is Appreciated

Phil Colins - Think twice, Cause its another day for you and me in paradise.

We all care a lot about paradise, we search for it, we dream of it, we even pray to God, asking to be delivered to paradise. However, if you really want to live in paradise, all that is needed is to,
"Think Twice."

Think Twice Phil Colins


Poverty is sort of like tying a kids shoes, we don't really enjoy bending over, wrangling with a squirming child, and tying their shoes. But, in the end, someone needs to be responsible. We don't have the time to tie a child's shoes, but somehow we make time.

Really, I do not care much about poverty, but I do care about paradise, and we all live in paradise, at the behest of the small people in our lives. 

I think of Phil Colins and Jason Statham above, and it would be easy to be jealous, and want to live their lives. Or envious, and what to share their lives, but they are making my life paradise.

They are bald, and I am not, I can live 70 year of my life with hair, and this is appreciated.

Please watch the video below by Phil Colins singing "Think Twice."

Don't get excited, but maybe today we can think twice, and when an opportunity offers itself up on a plate today. Think twice, and do something nice, and look around, you will be in paradise.

All of lives problems are easy to solve, we need to tie each others shoes, without thinking twice.

Thanks Andy Graham, just another day in Paradise. 


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