Alakuko a member of the Hobo Travel Community wrote these opinions on definition of poverty. (Thank you.)

This information was provide by member:  Alakuko 

Here is a list that define a poor or extreme poverty.

1. Homelessness
2. No access to good clothing.
3. Can not afford three square meals in a day.
4. Have no access to good medical care.some people have nothing to do with riches or poverty.They do not have wordly care. The people are

1. Madmen
2. Ascetics
3. Hermits 

To stay clear from poverty, people need to redefine their lives.people need not to conform with the world.people must live simply.people must be willing to work.people must not compare or copy others.There must be a burning desire to beat poverty.

Thank you, Alakuko 

Hobo in Ethiopia


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Gadget from has written 2 comments

This is truly a definition of specific characters that are often living in poverty, another great angle on the definition of Poverty.

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