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This site is committed to creating a checklist of characteristics that defines poverty. With the belief the larger the bundle, more poverty exist, and by example defines poverty.

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Beggars Cant Be Choosers

Anyone who believes beggars cant be choosers has not met any beggars, and probably lives in the USA... hehehe

Another Day In Paradise Is Appreciated

Phil Colins - Think twice, Cause its another day for you and me in paradise.

Alakuko Opinions On Definition Of Poverty

Alakuko a member of the Hobo Travel Community wrote these opinions on definition of poverty. (Thank you.)

List of ways to know poverty?
There are ways people receive benefits, gifts, trades, bonuses, room and board, etc. This make using a dollar amount confusing at best. This is a list of "Tells" the signs of povery, the more there are, the worst the poverty.

Poverty has no backup, no system for assistance when special problems occur. It is a failure to compete with others, and no desire to compete within their social group. The poor lose pride, and start to do things that normal people in the group do not, like beg, or stealing. Poverty is time of day sensitive, there are different times whereby some of "tells" below are not applicable..

1. No shoes
2. More than 4 sleeping in one room,
3. Trash covers the entrance to home.
4. Density of Humans, adults would be showering in Public
5. Scrounge, gather, and beg, collectors, and hoarding.
6. Special problems, disabled, old, crazy, foot missing.
7. Non standard clothing, like a piece of rope for belt.
8. Ground in dirty, bruises, spotches on skin, etc.
9. Homeless, or temporary squatting homes,
i.e. Plastic Homes in India or Brazil.
11. No public transportation used, and none is owned.
12. No communication cell phone.
13. Dependency relationships, the poor person is dependent, accepts, and wants this. i.e. Give me aid.
14. Incapable of protecting themselves.
15. Ignored by the general people around them. Normally ignored by NGO's.
16. Nakeness.
17. Squatting
18. Poor people can be seen in bad weather, they are unable to protect themselves.
19. Poverty is obvious in the morning, before work begins.
20. Shower is a problem, hair matts.

These things are the tells that the person is not poor.
1. Cell phone
2. TV
3. Stylish
4. Transportation Owned
5. Jewelry
6. Insurance
7. When they refuse to work

Poverty is Not
1. Living a boring life is not poverty, many people think,
"I would hate living there --- that is not poverty, that is a difference in living standards."  


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